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Here are short summaries of a number of online articles and videos that discuss various aspects of the global economy, economic recovery, inflation, interest rates, and the valuation of stock and bond markets. The link beside each one takes you to the original publication.

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Here are the articles in the current edition. Just click the article names to view each one.

Marketview video - May 26

This video comments on stock market levels, noting the S&P 500 is 10.6% below its peak made in early April, but still on par with October values, which were already up sharply from their March 2009 lows. By traditional measures the market overall is ‘neither cheap nor expensive’ and should follow its long term growth trend.


The OECD reported on economic statistics showing a faster-than-expected recovery. Consumer and government debt levels have been increasing and servicing these could prove difficult if interest rates rise or the recovery slows down. The authors call for interest rate increases to help restrain debt growth.

Globe online blog - May 25

Transcript of an online discussion in which readers pose questions about the economy and markets to Norman Raschkowan, Chief Investment Officer for Mackenzie Investments, who has ultimate responsibility for the company's investment  management functions.

Inflation gathers speed - May 21

This article explores price inflation, noting that core inflation which excludes volatile food and energy prices, is running about 1.9% per year, more than forecasted. This data supports a need for increases in interest rates to keep inflation within the target range.

Latest developments in European debt crisis - May 16

Senior Globe and Mail Report on Business writer and columnist Brian Milner answers the most common reader questions on the European debt crisis and what it means for the global economy.

Impacts of Euro debt crisis on recovery - May 25

This article explores how European government debt issues and resolutions can hamper the North American and global economic recovery.


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