WEALTH Matters — WINTER 2009

Important Dates For Tax Planning

It’s a busy time of year for managing our financial affairs. Here are some important dates to keep in mind over the next few months:


Jan 15 – 29           Year-end Statements from Investment Fund Dealers and Money Managers

Jan 31                    Deadline for installations to qualify for the 2009 Home Renovation Tax Credit.

Feb 15                    Statutory holiday – Family Day - Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Feb 28                    Deadline for T4 slips to be sent by employers

Mar 1                      Deadline for RRSP Contributions that can be claimed against 2009 income.

Mar 15                    Mailing of tax slips - flow through shares and ‘first 60 days’ RRSP contributions

April 2                     Statutory holiday – Good Friday - Canada

April 30                   Personal Income tax filing and payment deadline if you owe tax on 2009 income

April 30                   GST remittance due if you are an annual filer.

June 30                  Corporate Income Tax Return filing and payment deadline.

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Important Dates For Tax Planning

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Even though the T4 deadline is only one day before the RRSP contribution deadline, we can help you  estimate your tax bill and refund or amount owing, and your RRSP contribution limit and the impact of making a contribution. We can also help you consider whether the RRSP will deliver a better long-term tax saving than a TFSA plan.

We also maintain a network of professional service providers in a variety of disciplines. One of these is Income Tax Preparation. If you are anything less than completely confident in your income tax preparation service provider, please give us a call and we can recommend a number of alternatives to suit any need.

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