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Here are short summaries of a number of online articles and videos that discuss various aspects of the global economy, economic recovery, inflation, interest rates, and the valuation of stock and bond markets. The link beside each one takes you to the original publication.

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Here are the articles in the current edition. Just click the article names to view each one.

Limits to public healthcare - AUG 17

This article discusses the issues facing public healthcare in the face of an aging population that is increasing demand for health services for the elderly. It notes that the public is not well educated about the limits to public coverage and the costs they are likely to face in their old age, many of which are not government funded.

The truth about family trusts - july 21

Family Trusts and Testamentary Trusts are not well understood by the public—or by most financial advisors. This article examines some of the myths and facts about trusts and why they are so useful for financial planning and especially estate planning..

Control your debts says central bank - july 20

Transcript of an online discussion in which readers pose questions about the economy and markets to Norman Raschkowan, Chief Investment Officer for Mackenzie Investments, who has ultimate responsibility for the company's investment  management functions.

Research: the value of Financial advisors  - jul 28

Vancouver research firm Vision Critical released a study that concludes most Canadians still prefer to get financial advice by speaking with or meeting with a professional financial advisor. Consumers with a written financial plan are more satisfied with their financial advisors.


Resources on financial planning and investment management, including today's best GIC rates, access to your account online, links to a variety of web-based resources.

VIDEO: Rate increases far from certain - Aug 18

Gradual interest rate increases are the general expectation for the next year in Canada, but given that economic growth is slowing and that the US central bank appears set to keep its rates low, the Bank of Canada may have to reconsider whether to keep raising rates after its expected September increase.

NEW bank rules will pay off - AUG 17

The Basel Committee of Central Banks and the Financial Stability Board released a study that concludes the tighter international banking standards will have positive economic benefits. While the cost of holding additional capital will be passed on to consumers, this will be offset by the benefit of a more stable financial system and lower risk of future bank collapses.

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